Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Book Completed

My first book completed for this challenge is Crow by Barabara Wright. Moses Thomas' idyllic childhood comes to an end with the Wilmington Race Riots of 1898. It is during this event that his family's life is turned upside down forever.

I was completely drawn in by Wright's vivd descriptions of the African American Community of 1898 Wilmington, North Carolina and by her use of dialogue to relate events of the story. It also helped that she told it from Moses' point of view (first person point of view). Moses completely captured my heart and I wanted to protect him from what was to come. 

This was definitely an intense, emotional read. I highly recommend having a box of tissue handy if you decide to read it.

Time for a bit of exercise. Off to enjoy my chosen audiobook while enjoying a brisk morning run and some housework.


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