Sunday, July 23, 2017

That's a Wrap...Again

While there's still 30 minutes left in the Readathon, it's time for me to call it a night. I managed to get in another 76 minutes in this evening. Finally tally stands as follows:

Two books completed
Two books started.

Total reading time 14 hours and 28 minutes by my stopwatch. 

Thus completes my first 24in48 Readathon. Thanks to all who coordinated the event. I definitely plan to be back for a future Readathon.

Sunday update

Well, as can happen, life got in the way this weekend and so did sleep. So, I'm definitely not going to reach 24 hours of reading which I'm okay with. God willing, I can try again next time.

I did finish my second book of the challenge a bit ago. I reached the end of The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. Boy did I not see that ending coming. It's left me in a little bit of shock, actually. Still trying to wrap my head around it. 

Here's how reading panned out so far today:

5:38-5:52 (approximately) The Bible - 14 minutes
6:57-7:28 The Brutal Telling - 23
1:21-1:50 Norse Mythology - 29
2:11-2:18 Norse Mythology - 7
2:23-4:14 Norse Mythology - 111
4: 24-4:36 The Brutal Telling - 12
4:43-5:45 Murder on the Orient Express - 62
5:50-6:09 Murder on the Orient Express - 19

Total time so far today 4.6 hours

This brings me up to 13 hours and 13 minutes by the official count on my stopwatch app. Still have a couple more hours left in the challenge. Off I go to squeeze in a bit more reading.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Starting Book Number 2

While cleaning up the kitchen I spent more time in my audio book. It's nearing the end with the reveal of the murderer soon to come. However, I managed to tear myself away in order to start book number two.

Jumping in just as soon as I grab something snack on.

Happy Reading all!

Saturday Afternoon Update

Just finished The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek. He was an artist who developed three major cartoon strips for the Sunday papers in the early 1900s. One was The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo. In this strip, you read the six panels, then turn the book upside down and read the six panels again to get the rest of the story. The artwork works both right side up and upside down. Another of his strips The Loony Lyrics of Lulu reminded me greatly of the Berenstain Bear books in which (for example) the bears go camping and Father Bear gets into all kinds of scrapes while the bear brothers do things by the book and have a successful time.

This was a five-star books and I'm excited to have discovered a new author/artist to explore and learn about further.

Here's my reading so far today:

6:02-7:04 The Brutal Telling 62 minutes
8:35-8:56 The Bible 21 
9:22-9:29 The Upside Down World of Gustave Verbeek 7 min
9:43-10:15 The Upside Down World of Gustave Verbeek 32 min

Long break while attending a potluck in honor of some dear friends visiting from out of town.

1:37-3:25 The Upside Down World of Gustave Verbeek 128 min
3:25-3:32 The Brutal Telling 7 min
3:32-4:25 The Upside Down World of Gustave Verbeek 53 min

Today's total time so far 310 minutes 
Total Time so far (as documented on my phone's stopwatch) 5 hours, 42 minutes


My Reading so far

Got an early start on reading this morning by listening to The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny on my morning walk.  Here's how the reading has panned out during these first few hours of the challenge:

June 21st
9:49-10:37 The Upside Downs... 48 minutes

June 22nd
6:02-7:04 The Brutal Telling 62 minutes
8:35-8:56 the next two chapters in my Bible Reading (I'm reading through The Bible this year 21 min

According to the stopwatch app on my phone, I'm at 2 hours and 10 minutes so far.

Back into my book I go. Happy Reading all!

Friday, July 21, 2017

That's a Wrap

Much as I would like to keep reading into the wee hours, we have to get an early start tomorrow and I want to take a few minutes to read some of the comments over on the 24in48 site. So, I'm calling it a night. Here's my official time count as of this writing.

Happy reading to all and to all a Good Night.

24 Hours of Reading

With motherreader no longer running the 48 Hour Book Challenge, I went looking for something similar in which to participate. Somewhere I came across the 24in48 Readathon which takes place a couple times each year. The date finally fell on a weekend with (mostly) no other special occasions, so I signed up.

I've got my blog going and all the necessary websites queued up so I'm about to jump into my first book.

It took longer than I thought it would to create this post because I had to reacquaint myself with how to upload pictures and do hyperlinks (I only post about one weekend a year). So, I'm not sure how long I'll be reading tonight, but here goes.

Happy Reading All!