Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Book Down

My second book of the challenge was Glory Be byAugusta Scattergood. This one is also set in the south and is about race relations and civil rights. This time the setting is Mississippi in 1964. Glory Hemphill will turn 12 on the Fourth of July and this is one summer that isn't going as planned. Both her older sister, Jessalyn, and her best friend Frankie are changing. New people are moving into town and, in the words of the townspeople, are "stirring up trouble." The entire town is on edge as the civil rights movement begins to swell. By the end of summer, though, Glory has learned a thing or two and is ready to face whatever the future holds.

This is another book in which I fell in love with the characters, especially Glory herself and Miss Bloom, the town's courageous librarian. This was Scattergood's debut novel and I look forward to seeing what else she has written since 2012. 

I only set aside five or so books for this challenge (based on previous years' accomplishments) and the next two that are up are non-fiction. I think this is the last of my diverse books for this challenge, but I'll keep you posted as I read on.

Happy Reading, Everyone.


Total stats so far today

Maisie Dobbs (the chosen audio book for this challenge) - 2 hours 18 minutes
Crow (completed and blogged) - 1 hour 43 minutes
Glory Be - 2 hours 21 minutes
blogging/social media - 40 minutes

Total - 7 hours

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  1. I really loved Glory Be. A great historical fiction novel about a topic that kids can really relate to. After all, what kid wouldn't be furious if their town's swimming pool was closed down?