Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finish Line post

Sadly, the challenge has come to an end for this year. I was hoping to get a third book in, but it looks like I'm only going to get part way through before I have to stop. Here's my summary of the last 48 hours


8:00 p.m. - Posted official start time and joined the challenge on Motherreader's blog.

8:12-10:25 - read The Passion of Mary-Margaret 2 hrs 13 min

Total reading/blogging time for Friday - 2 hrs. 13 minutes


6:10-6:17 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (7 min)

Paused in the challenge to do my daily Bible Reading, take a 7 1/2 mile walk and went to buy doughnuts and coffee

10:15-12:45 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (2 hrs. 30 min)

Took a nap

12:55-1:30 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (35 min)

1:45-3:35 finished The Passion of Mary-Margaret and blogged it. (1 hr. 50 min)

4:25-10:15 read June Bug by Chris Fabry (5 hrs. 50 min)

Total reading/blogging time for Saturday - 10 hrs 52 min


5:30-6:26 a.m. finished June Bug (56 min)

Long break for breakfast, church, and a farewell party for some friends who are moving in two weeks, and house cleaning.

5:20 - 8:00 - blogged June Bug, started next book The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, and composed this finish line post. (2hrs. 40 min)

Total reading/blogging time for Sunday - 3 hrs. 36 minutes

Now it's back to the routine of the real world. It's been a great weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year's challenge.


Total reading/blogging time - 16 hrs. 41 minutes
Two books completed and 78 pages into a third one.

June Bug by Chris Fabry

For my second book, I picked June Bug by Chris Fabry. This was the second title in the Christy Award category Contemporary Stand Alone Novel. I went into this book not expecting to like it because I've started a couple other titles by Fabry in the past and wasn't able to get into them. But, I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and boy am I glad I did.

June Bug and her father, John, live in an RV traveling from place to place. Or they did until the RV broke down in a Walmart parking lot. On one of her many trips into the store, June Bug sees her picture on a missing children poster with the name Natalie Ann Edwards printed underneath. As events begin to unfold in the story, June Bug learns about her past and why she and her dad don't stay in one place very long. This is a fast-paced, character driven story in which Fabry keeps you guessing until the very end.

I really came to like June Bug and found myself cheering her on to a happy ending. I came around to liking her dad, too, once certain things came out about June Bug's mother. When the story ended I found myself wondering what would happen to him next. I certainly wouldn't argue if Fabry wrote the next chapter of John's life.

All in all this was a great book. I give it four stars and am thinking about trying again on the the two books I couldn't get into.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Passion of Mary Margaret

Finally finished my first book of the challenge, The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson.

Sister Mary-Margaret lived a life dedicated to serving God, but not in ways she thought she would. The story is told from Mary-Margaret's point of view as she writes her memoirs to leave behind for the younger sisters in her order. She tells of starting out life as an orphan raised by relatives, her life as an unmarried novitiate, and then of her marriage to Jude - a rebellious youth she grew up with on the Chesapeake Bay island where they lived.

The writing style of this particular book made the story difficult for me to get into, but around page 50 or so things started coming together for me. Samson tied up all the various plot lines to create a touching and poignant story about trusting God with your life. However, some of the "tie-ups" felt a bit rushed and convenient. Outside of this as and a couple theological issues I didn't necessarily agree with, it was a moving and beautiful story. I see why it received an award nomination. Overall I give it 3 1/2 stars and will be looking for more of Samson's books in the future.

Now, on to book 2 as soon as I figure out what that one's going to be.

The first 14 hours

So, I marked 8 p.m. Friday night as my start time. I didn't get around to picking up my book until 8:12, though. I'm reading "The Passion of Mary-Margaret" a contender for the Christy Award in the category of Contemporary Stand-Alone.

I read from 8:12-10:25 when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. This morning I was up early, did my daily Bible reading, and ate breakfast. I then took a 7 and a half mile walk followed by a trip to the doughnut shop. At 10:15 I settled in with my doughnuts and coffee and am continuing to read. Nearly half-way through the book, so hopefully there'll be another update soon.

Happy Reading :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge 2010

It's that time of year again...the 48 hour book challenge. I'm declaring 8 p.m. Friday my start time and will be reading (with some extended breaks due to real life) until 8 p.m. Sunday evening.

My theme this year is Christy Award Nominees. I've got a stack of about 10-12 books. Last year I read for 14 hours and got through three books. Let's see how this year goes.

Off I go to do dinner dishes and then...all aboard the reading express.