Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finish Line post

Sadly, the challenge has come to an end for this year. I was hoping to get a third book in, but it looks like I'm only going to get part way through before I have to stop. Here's my summary of the last 48 hours


8:00 p.m. - Posted official start time and joined the challenge on Motherreader's blog.

8:12-10:25 - read The Passion of Mary-Margaret 2 hrs 13 min

Total reading/blogging time for Friday - 2 hrs. 13 minutes


6:10-6:17 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (7 min)

Paused in the challenge to do my daily Bible Reading, take a 7 1/2 mile walk and went to buy doughnuts and coffee

10:15-12:45 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (2 hrs. 30 min)

Took a nap

12:55-1:30 continued with The Passion of Mary-Margaret (35 min)

1:45-3:35 finished The Passion of Mary-Margaret and blogged it. (1 hr. 50 min)

4:25-10:15 read June Bug by Chris Fabry (5 hrs. 50 min)

Total reading/blogging time for Saturday - 10 hrs 52 min


5:30-6:26 a.m. finished June Bug (56 min)

Long break for breakfast, church, and a farewell party for some friends who are moving in two weeks, and house cleaning.

5:20 - 8:00 - blogged June Bug, started next book The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, and composed this finish line post. (2hrs. 40 min)

Total reading/blogging time for Sunday - 3 hrs. 36 minutes

Now it's back to the routine of the real world. It's been a great weekend and I'm already looking forward to next year's challenge.


Total reading/blogging time - 16 hrs. 41 minutes
Two books completed and 78 pages into a third one.

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