Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finish Line Post

Well, 7:30 has come and gone, as has this challenge for 2012. I had do a lot of driving around today, so got much further in my audiobook Night Train to Memphis by Elizabeth Peters. I also had a chance to start reading the next book on my "to read" list, Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries: Uncovering Mysterious Sights, Symbols, and Societies by Stphen Klimczuk and Gerald Warner of Craigenmaddie. Got about 37 pages in, so not too bad.

My tally stands as follows.

Current tally:
Friday night 9:10-9:25 read more of Crown of Serpents while preparing for bed. (15 minutes)


5:34-7:39 listened to Night Train to Memphis while out on my morning walk. (2 hours 5 minutes)

8:04-8:15 read Crown of Serpents (11 minutes)

8:44-2:19 finished Crown of Serpents (5 hours 35 minutes)

2:22-3:01 logging book here and at Good Reads. (39 minutes)

3:09-6:30 read Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow (3 hours 21 minutes)

7:14-9:40 finished Homer & Langley, logged it here and at Good Reads (2 hours 26 minutes)


8:34-8:38 listened to Night Train to Memphis (4 minutes)

11:12-11:27 listened to Night Train to Memphis (15 minutes)

11:30-11:15 read Secret Places (20 minutes)

3:39-3:51 read Secret Places (12 minutes)

5:17-6:05 listened to Night Train to Memphis (48 minutes)

6:22-7:30 read Secret Places (1 hour 8 minutes)

Total reading/blogging time for the challenge: 17 hours 19 minutes

I beat my time from last year, but not the number of books. This year I only completed two books, but they were quite a bit longer than past years. I'm pretty happy with 17+ hours considering I had to work for four hours right in the middle of the challenge. Already looking forward to next year.

Hope you all had a great challenge as well.


  1. Congratulations on crossing the finish line! It's cool that you improved your time from last year.

  2. Great hours! I've done the big book thing before for the 48HBC, but I prefer the feel of knocking out the smaller books. Thanks for playing!

    If you have a donation for RIF that you could share or email to me, I'd appreciate it as I'm closing in on a nice number for the challenge. My email is MotherReader AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  3. Finally got to make my donation last night. $50.00 was donated to RIF.